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Latest "Breaking Dawn" Filming Details!

Instead of happening in the morning, filming will take place on Sunday night (7)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who is in Brazil for scenes from the movie “Dawn”, had changes in their work schedules. Instead of filming the movie on Sunday morning (7), the scenes will be performed at 20 hours and follow up at 7 am the following day.

The security system will remain the same and the players will have military police escort. For that production can be performed, some streets of Rio de Janeiro will be closed. Street Mendes Sa can not be carried over to the side of the theater and the Odyssey at the corner of Rua Gomes Freire.

Riachuelo Street will also be banned at the time of the Shell station and also at the corner of Rua Gomes Freire. Lavradio Street will be the third and last street to be closed for the production of the first part of the final Twilight movie.

To enhance the safety of Robert and Kristen, four scouts will accompany the squad during transit between the set and the hotel. On the evening of Friday (5), they should stay where they are staying.

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