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The 10 Most Squee-Inducing Moments From The First Day Of Breaking Dawn Filming


Oh.My.God. Breaking Dawn just started shooting in Brazil with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and already it is beyond EPIC. As if to torture us nerdy Twi-hards and Robsten fangirls, director Bill Condon has started the 6-month long shoot by filming the most romantic scenes first, which means real-life lovers, the ever adorable RobSten, are in Brazil being as touchy-feely as the newlyweds they play in the movies.

Last night, Twitter had a seizure processing all the adorable photos and videos rolling in from the shoot and #squeeee became a trending topic (er, not really). Luckily we have our fangirling under enough control to bring you our 10 Most Squee-Inducing Moments From The First Day Of Breaking Dawn Shooting. Check out our list - and 40 HQ photos from yesterday - and then share your own favorite moments. TheFABlife looks forward to 6 more glorious months of squee-worthy goodness.

10. Bella’s dressed like a woman, in - gasp! - heels! We adore seeing Bella all grown up. Marriage clearly has done the character good, and we love that the director and wardrobe have finally given the girl a little glamor.

9. Breaking Dawn wins for best Twilight hair. Kristen’s hair is shorter these days IRL, but the extensions she’s rocking are a total win (unlike the fail wig Kristen wore in Eclipse). And Rob’s locks are shorter, darker and undeniable sexier. Dazzling, indeed.

8. The fashion is actually fashionable! Be still our style-loving hearts. How good do Bella and Edward look in their tight, tailored clothes? That LWD (little white dress) with the black belt is timeless and sweet and Edward’s outfit is UNF-tastic. The pants hug Rob’s silhouette perfectly, the shirt is well-made and wisely unbuttoned and even his shoes are sexy. Breaking Dawn wardrobe department, FTW.

7. Bella’s stunning engagement ring. We had our doubts about the giant sparkler, but it looks amazing in the photos and is oddly understated, considering its size. Edward’s mother would be proud.

6. Kristen channels Jersey Shore, teaches Bella how to fist pump. This photo. Nuff said.

5. Rob helped Kristen deal with her heels. We all know how much K prefers Keds over 5-inch heels, and clearly they started to get to her after a long day on set. Lucky for her, Rob was around to lend her a hand. That sound you hear is ladies “awwwwww”-ing around the globe.

4. Robert Pattinson really loves driving that boat. A lot.

3. Rob and Kristen’s boat high five/hand hold/kiss. Nothing is cuter than a couple who can act like buddies and lovers in one breath.

2. THE KISS. And the cuddling. And the cuddly kissing. Breaking Dawn’s PG-13 rating be damned! There is not going to be a living woman left in the theater when these scenes are through.

1. The real-life Robsten hand holding that took place once the cameras stopped shooting. Rob and Kristen didn’t let go of each other the entire night. They stayed connected while talking to their director and walking back to their trailers, and that is sexier than 100,000,000 Bella and Edward make-out scenes. Oh, and is that Rob picking something off of Kristen’s face while holding hands? Yeah, we thought so. *Dead*

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