петък, 11 март 2011 г.

Rumor of "Breaking Dawn" footage to be shown at this year's Comic Con is incorrect!

From PattinsonUK
We had heard rumours that a clip from Breaking Dawn would be shown at this years Comic Con.  However, on checking their website there is nothing to substantiate these claims, so we contacted the organisers of the event directly. The response we received confirms that nothing has been discussed to date:

As of today we have had no direct contact with the studio regarding any programming and certainly no footage, “clips” or things of this nature have even been broached.

I know there has been a great deal of speculation which is sometimes taken as fact, so I appreciate you contacting us to address the validity of those comments.

So there you have it! It is likely that there will be something to do with Breaking Dawn at the convention judging by their past decisions but until this is confirmed either by Summit or Comic Con please don’t make any definite plans to attend if you are only going for this reason.

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