петък, 4 март 2011 г.

Robsten's Hotel Room Spotted


VANCOUVER — Some snoop at the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver is dishing the dirt on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's reputed love nest in the stars.

Hollywood Life credits "our source" with this tangy tale about the duo, who are in town shooting the eagerly awaited Twilight sequel, Breaking Dawn.

If you're not ready for the tawdry spiel leaked to the website, don't read on.

Still there? Here goes: “They like to order room service instead of going down to the hotel restaurant and bar." Uh, oh.

As if that weren't enough, let's dig "our source" for the details of Rob and Kristen's undoubtedly raucous behaviour with holed up at the Wall. “Rob and Kristen are both really nice and cool.”

As more salty details continue to pour out about the couple's West Coast dalliance, isn't it time we did a "Brangelina" on them for brevity's sake.

Which do you like better? "Krob" or "Risten"?

After some onerous reflection, we've decided to continue spelling the names out the old fashioned way.

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