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Robert Pattinson Interview — ”I’m a Big Believer in Onscreen Romance” (Ok mag)


Robert Pattinson opens up in an exclusive interview with OK! about living in the spotlight after Twilight dramatically changed his life! The star is back in Vancouver filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn with his on-and off-screen love Kristen Stewart and hasn’t lost touch with his sensitive side!

While Rob admits he has some concern that Twilight will make him “pigeonholed” in his career, he also says he enjoys making romantic movies.
In the interview, Rob shows his sensitive side when opening up about fame and reveals how emotional it was for him to work with animals on the Water for Elephants set.

With Twilight and now Water For Elephants on his career list, Rob can play the romantic part well and he loves it!
“Yes, I’m a big believer in onscreen romance,” Rob tells OK!. “And these films are not for ladies only. Guys can appreciate romance.”

Source: OK

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