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Rob & Taylor in Scan with translation from "Séries fans" thx @CrazyStewFrance


Robert Pattinson.
Elephants and women. 

On the 20 April we will see in cinemas Robert with Reese Whiterspoon in Water For Elephants from Francis Lawrence. The movie was shot last July.

You seem to be very close to Reese Witherspoon...?

I've learned a lot thanks to her, she's very patient, and she's a huge actress, she's got much more experience than me  so it's normal that I took time to listen to her. Without her patience the shot won't be that much good! We laughed a lot, Reese has a huge sense of humour, the atmosphere was serious but also relax. We stay friends and sometimes we see each others. It's a very important meeting in my career. Apparently she already was a fan of the Twilight Saga so she didn't have negative thinking about my job. I hope we'll work together again soon.

It even appears taht you were very close on the set...

Rumors again, press always thinks that I'm dating every actress with who I'm playing. If I seduce every girls everytime I make a movie I won't have lots of girls friends. (laughs). I think that with Water for Elephants it's beacause of the love story, it shows that we are credible! Now that we shoot again for Twilight nobody will talk anymore about a relationship with Reese. You'll see it will be the same things with another movie. I'm much more wise than people thinks. It's the Edward Cullen's effect.
It seems that you're more at ease with elephants than with women?

Laughs. It's not exactly the situation! Actually I've made a photoshoot for Details Magazine with several naked women, during 12 hours. For many boys it could be seen as a dreamed situation but it was very embarassing! Whereas elephants is really something else, for the movie we were with elephants, and one of them picked me up with its trunk, it was the most magical thing that has happened to me! But I don't do the link between elephants and naked women. It's not very gentleman! Elephants was a child dream, and girls is just something else.

Source:  @CrazyStewFrance

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