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Rob Pattinson Didn’t Own Workout Clothes Until ‘Twilight’ Started (Interview)

Rob’s trainer Harley Pasternak tells all about his training and his initial meeting with the Twilight star years ago

As the ever-protective Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson has to be ready to fight at a moment’s notice to protect Bella, Renesmee, and the rest of his family. The actor’s trainer, celebrity fitness expert Harley Pasternak, makes sure to keep him in shape for all of his movies. But Rob didn’t exactly arrive prepared for his first meeting with Harley!

Harley and Rob started working together ahead of the first Twilight film. “He was an unknown at the time, there was some schlocky vampire movie the producers called us about training this kid for. He was very sweet and polite and very quiet and didn’t have work out gear, I remember, the first time he came. We got him shoes and outfitted him,” laughs Harley, who trains other celebrities like Megan Fox, Lady Gaga, Amanda Seyfried and Katy Perry.

So how was Rob in fitness training? “He did everything we said and followed the plan and was very polite. Then the movie came out and it became a sensation and I was like ‘Oh my gosh, that’s the same guy we were training!’”

Now Harley continues to work with Rob, training him for all the Twilight films and Water for Elephants using his famous 5-factor diet and fitness plan.

Harley adds that Rob “specifically looks at fitness as part of his job” but says “he’s an easy client to work with and when he commits and focuses he’s just… super committed.”

The trainer also answered questions you asked via comments and tweets:

On how often he exercises: “He’s on the 5-factor plan so five different phases of cardio: upper body, lower body, different abdominal muscles.” Harley’s plans has you work out a different part of your body each day for five days at a minimum of 25 minutes a day. It combines strength/core training with a 5-factor diet including five healthy meals a day
On his favorite workout: “Like most men, upper body is his preference. Working his arms like a dumbbell/handbell bicep curl, lying dumbbell tricep extension: those are two simple exercises he can do in his trailer or wherever to tone and tighten his arms.”
On his least favorite workout: “When it comes to working his legs, that’s generally something that creates the most muscle soreness the day after. So he gets pretty beaten up when we do lower body, from lunges to deadlifts. They aren’t really glory muscles for men and they are sore afterwards.
On whether he can eat oysters: “Sure, you’re allowed lean proteins, anything from the ocean or from the lake is good.”
On his personality: “He’s just a very sweet, unassuming guy who came to train with us, I’d never heard of him before…to see how big it became… it was the craziest thing. I went to meet with him in NYC and he had multiple security guards because there were people just swarming him. He’s someone that’s not built for this crazy celebrity status, he’s a very low-key guy who likes doing low-key things. He’s a very simple, low-key guy.”

How sweet and funny is it that Rob didn’t own work out clothes? The actor, who is known for his dedication to his craft, seems to work hard at his fitness training when it is necessary, and Harley couldn’t stress enough how genuinely down-to-earth Rob still is, which is wonderful to hear. Sound off below on what you think of Harley’s revelations!

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