събота, 12 март 2011 г.

More talk about Rob's New Dog, Lucky Pooch.

More talk about Rob's rescued pup, yeah, 'that dog'. This time its Nikki Reed who's been asked about it. The Source interviewed NR last night at the UK Style by French Connection at Sears event and they asked her if she already met the new pet.

“How did you know that? It’s just so weird to me that when you get a dog like 78 hours ago the whole world knows about it.”

She laughed and then continued. “I didn’t even know THEY got a dog and I brought my dog, and people were saying that mine was a bigger version.”

Does she mean it’s Rob and Kristen Stewart’s dog? Nikki recovered quickly. “Oh no, it’s Rob’s dog, it just becomes a community dog on set.” “It is super cute, it’s like a miniature version of my dog.”

Considering the source is HollywoodLife its all up to you to believe the quotes. At the moment, its just an added 'maybe' information.

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