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3 Great Things About The 2nd WFE Trailer


I think I'm just going to come out and say it: Best. Second. Trailer. Ever.

There's nothing more disappointing than looking forward to a new trailer for a highly anticipated release, only for it to be a cleverly re-packaged version of the first with nary a new scene in sight. Well, "Water for Elephants" director Francis Lawrence got it right with this one, because it almost felt like I was watching clips from an entirely different movie (in a totally good way).

Sure, Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz were all there just like before, but this second trailer revealed a whole new perspective of Sara Gruen's best-selling novel that I totally enjoyed. Let's count all the exciting new things after the jump!

1. Jacob Jankowski's back story unfolds
Whereas the first trailer began with Jacob's (Robert) arrival at the Benzini Brothers show, this one goes back even further to the events that led him to join the big top. We see the veterinary student sit for an exam until he's interrupted by an official with tragic news—his parents were killed in a car accident. It's then that Jacob drops out of school and hops a train bound for his destiny.

2. Marlena and Jacob kiss!
Commence the fits of fangirl giggles! It's only a quick one- or two-second flash on screen, but we definitely spied a make out session between Reese's Marlena and Jacob. We knew it would only be a matter of time before those longing glances from the initial trailer we're fulfilled. (We just wish we had been on the receiving end instead of Reese!)

3. The tone is much darker
Kissing another man's wife tends to have consequences, and for Jacob, it's a beat-down from Marlena's husband August (Christoph). It's just one of several scenes—including the circus catastrophe hinted at in the first trailer—that gives this second trailer a decidedly darker tone. While the joy and whimsy of the circus—tinkly music and all—were the focus last time, the tension and conflict inside the tent take center stage now.

(As a final, brief aside, we'd like to thank Francis for giving Robert more than two lines in this trailer!)

"Water for Elephants" hits theaters April 22. You can watch the full video at Amazon.com!

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