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Who Swears Up a Storm on the Breaking Dawn Set?

Based on the lack of gossip brewing from the Breaking Dawn set, we began to wonder if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are being protected by the CIA!
Come on, these Louisiana locals are tough. They really do seem to put all cameras away when the Twilight stars make an appearance, and they certainly won't utter a word about any off-set outings.
But don't bring out your fangs yet, you Twi-hards! Baton Rouge may be on lock down, but, not everyone is staying so tight-lipped about K.Stew...
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The latest info from an on-set source?
Kristen swears like a sailor!
Nothing too new there, right? Well, when it interferes with production, yes it is.
According to our source, Kris "drops loads of F-bombs" between takes, and editors have to be über-careful that her potty-mouth outbursts don't make it in the film.
Dirty mouth aside, our source reveals that Kristen swears out of frustration, not fun, when she flubs her lines.
But really, the gal takes her craft so seriously she curses up a storm when she stumbles on her lines!
Our take? Give yourself a break, Kristen.
We know you want to be seen as a serious actress, but even the best of the best don't have it perfect every time.
We adore K.Stew, no matter what, dirty vocab and all, and props for taking Bella's character so seriously (especially with all of that cheesy writing).
Hollywood def needs more actresses like Kristen, who still care about the craft, but watch that mouth girl!

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