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Vietnamese Site Names “Robsten” One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Couples


The obsession for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart began after “Twilight”, in 2008. Bella and Edward are all about loving throught time and death, and quickly became a symbol of young love worldwide. At first, many people thought the love between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart was fake and just another PR move to get attention to the movie. But no, they love each other. Female director of “Twilight”, Catherine Hardwicke, confirmed that the couple had a “feeling” for each other on the very first scene.
Despite their description, they ocasionally make photographers happy by embracing each other in public. Although denying their love, the tabloids are always hunting news like the two years that they spent New Year’s Eve together and him taking her to meet his parents, in London.
Robert and Kristen were also one of the most researched couples on the internet in 2010.
A sweet marriage may not be far away

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