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(Scans) Rob in Movie magazine"SCREEN" 2011-April Issue (Japan) #GoldenGlobes


A) Robert Pattinson was chosen for the second year running as number 2 in the Best Actor ranking in the 65th Golden grand Prix 2011 (SCREEN).

#2 Robert Pattinson
Made one the world's current hit idols by Twilight saga, Robert Pattinson retained his title of second from the previous year. During his third time playing Edward in Eclipse, Rob wowed fans with his romantic air. The final movie of the series, Breaking Dawn, is already filming. In addition, he promises to show his fans a new side of him with this year's Water For Elephants and Bel Ami. Will he be the one to steal Johnny Depp's throne?

B) 2011 movie world hit prediction: This gorgeous guy was born in England, and represents the lookers of his home country as one of "today's hottest men."

Robert Pattinson (Age 24)
-Did you know there was a hottie boom in England in the '80s? Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and Daniel Day Lewis were all in their twenties and were bursting into fame as handsome young actors from England at around the same time, creating a huge sensation as the so-called young nobles. It's been 20 years since then. Twilight saga similar wave is occurring today. The English movie scene is crowded with the handsomest young men of the generation and showing all the signs of another hottie boom.

The one leading the rush is Twilight's vampire, Edward, the Lord Rob who has taken the women of the world captive. With his perfect looks earning him titles such as "The world's most beautiful man" and "Today's hottest actor" from a variety of magazines, he has developed into such a big star that he's drawing near to Johnny Depp in this magazine's reader's choice voting. This year, in addition to the scheduled release of the first part of series finale Breaking Dawn, he also looks to gain even more fans with his sweet charm as he stars opposite Reese Witherspoon in Water For Elephants (to be released this year).


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