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Robert Pattinson's Top 5 Quotes

We have a zillion reasons to love Robert Pattinson. He is beautiful, is talented, funny, smart, has that charming British accent that makes everybody a passionate ...
And we still love a lot what he says in interviews. And that is why we chose the five best actor and phrases to show you-go-ri-nha!


1. Where's the six pack, Rob?
"In one part of the test for the role, you had to take off his shirt. Seriously, I can tell you. If this is part of the test, I'll never get the role " . Hahaha! In a press interview for the first James Bond movie, in 2008, he said he had a potbelly, which was not spotted and that depended on it to get a job, he never would.

2. What more romantic guy!
Here's a reason to sigh a lot, okay? "I learned that if a relationship is honest, he can go over everything, despite the challenges we must face and everything that happens around us" . That is what the actor told the magazine 100xdzep, Hungary, in the middle of last year. Was he referring to his courtship with Kristen Stewart? Uhmmm, how romantic! And how cute!


3. Robert did not even take a bath?!
Ready for a phrase and the controversy that Robert decided to drop one of her first interviews? "By not washing your hair so much and have no sense of personal hygiene, I have accumulated a lot of garbage here," said Robert. The statement, of course, led to rumors that he did not shower roll for long. But Robert was just playing himself, he saw, people?

4. And these hot scenes of "Sunrise", Rob?
The most recent was Robert in interviews during the Golden Globe this year. While talking about the hot scenes of Breaking Dawn, when Bella and Edward come to Brazil to spend the honeymoon, he joked: "Somehow, it's always awkward doing those scenes with anyone. A lot depends on how the scene is built and such. It's like playing Twister " .

5. If he wasn't an actor, he would be ...
Robert does not even need to explain much. For us, just be sincere than ever achievement. "My dream job is to be a pianist," he said. Awn, people! We wanted to hear him to play super piano forever, but it is better to see him on the big screen, right? Always beautiful!


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