събота, 12 февруари 2011 г.

Robert Pattinson at Water for Elephants premier April 17 in NYC

Water for Elephants director, Francis Lawrence, tweeted yesterday that the movie premier will take place in NYC on April 17th. It is being reported that Robert Pattinson is expected to attend the event even though he will be filming Breaking Dawn at the time.

Water for Elephants is close to completion according to Lawrence. The movie will be released nation wide on April 22nd.

The movie stars Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Academy Award winning actor Christoph Waltz.

The actual location of the theater in which the premier will be held was not announced at this time. It might be a good idea not to announce the theater at all. If everyone knew where it is going to be held the area around the theater would be a riot zone due to the massive crowds of screaming girls surrounding it. 

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