неделя, 20 февруари 2011 г.

Possible R/K Sighting in LA Last Night- February 19th


source via Martybet

@pattstew24 she was with robert.
@pattstew24 some grocery store in sherman oaks.. For all-star weekend my management thru a after party at Michael Jacksons first house.
@Marti723 robert pattinson! Their dating fosho :)
@spunk_ransom I swear it look like they jus woke up.. It was around midnight..
@PrincessStew Ralph's .. Sherman oaks :D bruce lee security guard in all.
@Xoxrobstenxox yeaa holding hands.Rob rubbing her back.. things that a couple will do.. I was jus there getting ice n cups for the party.
@PrincessStew you gotta remember the freaks come out @ night lmaoo.. Security is a must..
@inezofmysoul something stupid like popcorn or oreos! Lol
@iKrisbieber no pda..

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