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Old/New Interview of Rob with GlamourUK. New Moon Promo

Did you fall back easily into the role of Edward?
I had to work a bit. I went out to Vancouver about a month before we started shooting and tried to get back into the mindset. But I was always really excited about shooting this one because I thought it was the most interesting story and when I read the script it was a really interesting adaptation. I always knew how to do it, my bit, in this one so I wasn’t really worried.
What aspect of Edward do you wish you possessed?
I think his ability to stay silent. I’m really bad at that. He’s very comfortable not saying anything and I always feel like I have to say everything, anything, all the time.
Were you worried about taking your shirt off after seeing Taylor’s new physique?
Definitely, yeah. I was really, really worried. I mean I only saw him for the first time in a long time when he was all ready to go for the film so I was feeling very inadequate and emasculated. I did feel a little inadequate but it did make me go to the gym so there was some good in it.

We know that you’ve had to spend a lot of time in hotel rooms because of fans. What do you do to pass the time?
I mean I’m never in them for long enough. Today was going to be the longest I was going to spend inside my room for a long time and the fire alarm went off which annoyed me so much but [i do] nothing particularly exciting. I bring my guitar around to various places and sometimes play but that’s about it. Nothing out of the ordinary.

What would you think of Edward if you met him in real life?
I think he looks a bit weird – like why are you wearing all of that make-up? I think I would probably find him quite interesting. He’s quite old and stuff.
Are English fans different from American ones?
I wouldn’t know how to describe it. I’ll know better this evening because we are doing this big kind of event thing. I haven’t been in England since January and it wasn’t that big a deal in England the last time I left so I don’t know. But I always assume that… I think that English people are less enthusiastic about everything so I think they will be less hysterical.
Are you worried about being typecast?
Yeah not really. I’d be worried if it started happening afterwards but I mean all the jobs I’m doing next year are very different from Edward so I guess I’ll have to see if people accept me in those roles. But I’m not really afraid of it at the moment.

What do you want for Christmas?
What do I want? I want the entire Criterion collection if anyone feels like sending me one.
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