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Mackenzie Foy on Rob and Kristen: "They're really Nice."

Breaking Dawn MF Autography Breaking Dawn Filming News: Mackenzie Foy Arrives In Vancouver! breaking dawn
Mackenzie Foy has arrived in Vancouver! Doesn’t she have the cutest little autograph! On arrival she was asked some questions by OLTV:
- OLTV: Did you have a good flight, Mackenzie?
- Mackenzie Foy: Aha.
- OLTV: What are you looking forward to the most?
- Mackenzie Foy: Working (smiles).
- OLTV: Do you like being Renesmee?
- Mackenzie Foy: Yes.
- OLTV: What’s the best part of being Renesmee?
- Mackenzie Foy: Just… doing it.
- OLTV: Working with Rob and Kristen?
- Mackenzie Foy: Yeah. They’re really nice (smiles)


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