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MTV Recommends What You Can Do Until 'Water For Elephants' Hits The Theaters


From MTV
Those of you counting down the days until Robert Pattinson returns to the big screen need to add seven more days to your calendars. Twentieth Century Fox has moved the release of “Water for Elephants” back a week, so now it will be released on April 22, 2011. The release date change was apparently prompted by Warner Bros. moving Steve Carrell’s upcoming flick “Crazy, Stupid, Love” from April 22 to July 29.

As bummed as we are about the delay of what could be Rob’s finest film yet, at least it resolves the conflict of “Scream 4″ and “Water for Elephants” coming out on the same weekend. In fact, now “Water for Elephants” has no other film on its opening weekend to steal its target audience (a.k.a. us), unless you’re really into “African Cats” or “Madea’s Big Happy Family.”

To help ease the pain of that one long, unfortunate week, we’ve come up with a seven-day game plan for you to get your RPattz fix!

Day 1: Regroup
Before, you would have been preparing to catch a Friday screening of “Water for Elephants,” but now you need to face the fact you’ll have to wait seven more days to see Rob flirting with Reese Witherspoon and hanging out with elephants. Sounds like a quality “Twilight” viewing session is in order.

Day 2: Re-adjust
Chances are you had been prepping your “Water for Elephants” knowledge for April 15 instead of April 22, so why not refresh your memory of the story and reread the novel the film is based on? The story isn’t beloved for nothing.

Day 3: Reassess
Because “Water for Elephants” is told from Rob’s character’s perspective, we know he survives through most—if not all—of the film. So pop in your copy of “Remember Me” and be comforted by the fact that “Water for Elephants” won’t be that depressing.

Day 4: Rekindle
You’ve reached the middle of your seven long days of waiting, which means there are only three days to go! Since you’ve been containing your affection for RPattz as these extra days stretched by, now sounds like a good time to remind yourself why you loved the man to begin with. Grab your copy of “Eclipse” and watch it with the commentary on. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Day 5: Remind
Now that you’re back in a state of utter Robert Pattinson adoration, it’s time to continue reminding yourself why he’s so important to us all. Our suggestion is to watch his “Robert Is Bothered” sketch on “Late Night” and the big “Oprah” episode to promote “Eclipse,” which are two of our favorite times we’ve seen Rob on the small screen.

Day 6: Relax
Take a day off. Remember that phrase, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” Well, it’s true. Spend your time reminiscing about some other Hollywood hotties, and chances are you’ll find your mind wandering back to Rob. Only two more days to go!

Day 7: Reflect
This is it, the last day before “Water for Elephants” hits theaters. Today we suggest you do whatever you feel will make you most excited for a Robert Pattinson movie. Maybe it means rereading “The Twilight Saga,” watching one of Rob’s older films or just gazing at the results of a Google Image search of his name, but chances are it will get you pumped all over again for “Water for Elephants.”

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