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Booboo Stewart: Team Edward or Jacob?

PhotobucketThe Team Edward or Team Jacob saga continues!

Asked by Teen Groove On the Move which side he’s on, Booboo Stewart made sure not to alienate either side by playing it safe.

“If I had to choose either one, I’d be Switzerland,” the 16-year-old actor, who plays Seth in the Twilight series, said on the radio show. “I don’t know. They’re both really cool guys! They’re really nice. I couldn’t choose.”

Booboo also took time to chat about his upcoming album, which he’s recording with his sister.

“It’s really hard but it’s fun. It’s way harder than acting,” he confessed, adding that they’re planning to jet to Malaysia soon for a concert.

To hear more of Booboo’s interview check out Teen Groove!

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