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RobSten in Rio: A Fan Shares Her Experience Following R/Ks Arrival in Brazil

 From ClaraRobsten Blog Translation by BraGirl2 and link by believe_them Thanks ladies.

I'm posting this because the lovely fan shed some light on the rumors that have been going around. 


"We talked to Maria Clara, from the site Imprinting, who was in front of R/K's hotel. Like any fan, she was thrilled and shared with us the experience of being close to Robsten."

You're part of the site staff, right?
Yes, I am part of the staff of The Imprinting, more known on Twitter as @TodaFanTwilight.

You went to the airport to welcome Robert and Kristen?
I wasn't able to. The international airport in Rio has a too bad access, because it is too far away. This was in
my plans, but I decided to wait until they arrived at the hotel.

You got there before them? How was the crowd?
Yes. They landed here in Rio at 10am and we arrived at the hotel at 9am. There was about 20 people in front of the hotel and some of them were waiting other celebrity guests.

It was possible to see the time that the actors arrived at the hotel? How was the security?
Well, around 11:30am, if I'm not mistaken, people were prepared to see their arrival at any moment. I was with other girls, and we considered the hypothesis that they could get the back doors. We checked the whole
area and it seemed very unlikely. Out of nowhere, I felt that they had arrived and talked to the girls. A guy [from a comic TV show] came by and told me they had arrived by the back entrance. So it was around 11:30am and 12am.
* About security, I have nothing to complain. There was two police vehicles in front of the hotel, watching there and the other block. They placed grids around the hotel and their bodyguards did their job.

There were rumors of Kristen being offended or something, did it really happen or it was just speculation?
Partly, it's speculation. What happened is in that in a certain moment, most people have heard one or two girls (I discovered later that they are from a Robert fansite) screaming "Kristen is a b****!" while everyone was cheering "Kristen! Kristen! Kristen." Some people told the girls to f** off and then ignored them. But this was it. The love that people there gave to Stewart was greater than any harm done.

During the afternoon people talked about Robsten appearing on the window, waving to the fans twice and making hearts with their hands. Is it far from the true?
Well, shortly after they arrived, Robert appeared very fast on his window. He just opened the window and when he saw the paparazzi, closed soon after. This was a matter of seconds. Kristen could only be seen by lenses of the cameras of the paparazzi, because she looked quickly through the window, and as they have a canopy suite, and she didn't open the window, we couldn't see. After this, some guests began to go through
their own suites, making hearts with their hands, waving, but that was in other windows. The people saw and believed in the heat of the moment. But all of this is fake news.

Do you know anything about the alleged interviews to Globo [the biggest Brazilian TV station] and other stations?
Well, Band TV arrived late and only filmed fans there. Soon after, a Globo car came and did the same. Before all this, when it was still morning, there was paparazzi from the "Folha" newspaper and from websites like "Ego". The TV show "Panico" was also there, plus most of TV stations. What happened was that the "Panico" guy made a check in at the hotel, but I think they got nothing, because some of them left very angry. Globo has tried to do an interview for their TV show "Fantastico", but sources said they didn't achieve. Like all other broadcasters.

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