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Rob's Translated Interview from "Walker Premier Magazine"(Japan)

Rob:People ask me if I believe in existence of Vampires, I actually do not believe in the story.(Laugh)
Since I have been doing Edward, and every 6 months I come back to the set of Twilight and the crew would ask me “Haw have you been? You look a year older than last time I saw you.” Maybe that is why I feel like I age faster than usual. I just had my 24th birthday the other day, it seems like time flies so fast and I feel like I am 35 years old already.

Rob:Every time I finish the shooting and get away from the sequel, I forget how much this character meant to me, it is really sad. It is fun to come back to the set and do Edward and realize that I am trying to enhance my acting skill.It is really challenging to bring all the experiences I have done into my acting skill. Things happen and vanish, like supernova in a way. To be a well skilled actor, I would need another 10 years.

Rob:I have found really nice agent for myself; they are really close friends at the same time. The thing is, most of the Hollywood actors believe that the agents are the person who brings the new job, like “Oh, if you don’t fetch a good assignment, you are fired!”.
But I do not feel that way toward my agent. I think it is you that who seeks a new assignment for yourself. So, I keep a good friendly distance with them and they know where I come from. Not that I do not wish to success, but we have the same devotion toward work. Most of the movies I have done recently are the scripts that I had read before the opening of “Twilight”. Those are the scripts I read and I liked. There were some scripts that I thought it may not make it and all the sudden it become reality. I think I like one of those indies production better than the ones that you know who will be in and the date of the opening day already. Those are the one of the blockbusters but to me those that only seeks for the market is not interesting enough to be casted. I prefer an actor like a Futures trading dealer. It is much exciting.(laugh)

=Robert Pattinson STORY=

Rob: Fame is like an imaginary thing after all. If you are not talented, you can’t use the power of the fame. If you are famous, that doesn’t mean that you have them all, or you get the enough wealth to live happily ever after.
Gossips and Tabloids pick up every bit of the someone who got famous in this instant, and they do not care of invading one’s privacy at all. That is one of the reason people lose their interests in movies or the mysterious side of the actors.

Robert has started seeking his career after “Twilight saga” sequel. He does not wish to vanish his career in this hysteria and mass media’s too much attention.

Rob: This hysteria will soon over, like in a year or so; I try to ignore those crazy gossips. That is how I keep myself. I would like to do couple of more small productions, but I have my ambition to do a bigger film in the future.

It was really tough to go through that people recognize me as an actor who does the popular sequels. Most of the blockbusters has recognitions of that sort, but at least Kristin and I are not doing “Twilight” because of that.

He mentions that he also understands that because of this “Twilight” fame, people keep sending him all sorts of scripts and productions.

Because I did “Twilight” and recognized, people send me many scripts to have my eye on, but I don’t think I am changed in the way I choose the script. I do not have a special feature in myself, it is not too difficult to find a script. I tend to pick the ones that I haven’t done of.

Rob: Before I became an actor, I thought I could not complete anything. But now, I think I started to climb up my mountain. It may take 10 more years to say that I have all the confidence in what I do. I feel great to be an actor; acting makes me feel like I still have a hope in my future.

Rob: One thing I have fear about is what kind of projects I will do and how the public will react for that. It looks silly even to me sometimes, but that is my fear. That is why I don’t have publicist and I‘d like to choose what I will do by myself. It is a lot easier to have someone decide what you will do, but I do not want to blame someone other than myself when things went wrong. I wish to be a prudent actor, but I also know that it is difficult to control yourself that much as an actor. So, I think being in “Twilight” made  a great progress in my acting carrier.

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