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Rob and Kristen in Brazil: Arrivals November 5, 2010

Quem.Globo Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart landed in Brazil on Friday (5), on the International Airport
Antonio Carlos Jobim, Rio de Janeiro. They arrived at their hotel around 12pm. Fans are gathered outside the hotel waiting for the actors.

The car accessed the back entrance. Apparently, Kristen slept the whole way between the airport and
the hotel, according to a report of QUEM. Thanks to BraGirl2 for the translation.

I will not be disclosing their location, destination, itineraries - so do not bother indicating it in the comments.


Pic via FePattz



Autograph of Rob and Kristen - 
From GilmaraFernandez - the fan from the plane who took the other pic.
And she confirms this "flight from Houston,business 1st class, sat together +guards, slept MUCH, ate little and fast”gilmareheil 

BlogTwiBrasil "Explaining why people got autographs but have not seen them: they were delivering the papers, posters, whatever, to the cops who were VERY nice and there were taking in to be autographed by Rob and Kristen and then they brought back. According to the report, Rob autographed all, Kristen just only one."

More tweets: 
LeoBonifacio"Robert was literally melting! Apologized to me after I shook his hand because he was all sweaty!" His portuguese completely sucked! lol. But it was worth a try saying 'Eu amo o Rio de Janeiro'!"

First autograph in Rio. 

Now we are 101% sure Rob knows about the term 'RobSten' lol Woohoo!
Don't you deny it now Rob! 
(Just the signature, guys!)

source/isadoranasif via FePattz

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