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Georgie May talks about Rob and Eclipse audition


It is a rare occur rence to meet some one who is so young and so tal ented and so deter mined to suc­ceed and fol low her dreams, but teenager Georgie May is all of those things and already, her dreams appear to be com ing true.
A bud ding model, actress and singer she already has an envi able CV and to top it all off, she is cur rently on the Costa Blanca doing char ity work whilst vis it ing fam ily and friends. She also nar rowly missed out on star ring along side Robert Pat tin son in the Twi light Eclipse movie, of which she said, “The cast ing was hectic…fangs, fake blood, white faces and of course the gor geous Robert Pat tin son.
The part was given to a well known actress but I was priv i leged to be in the last 3 out of 3000 girls for the part. It was an amaz ing expe ri ence as the con tacts I met I still talk to today to help me with my career such as Rob him self.”
But Hol ly wood could soon be beck on ing as Georgie did win a part in the forth com ing Harry Pot ter movie and appears as a Gryffindor stu dent in Harry Pot ter 7.



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