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Fans Make Everything to Try to Get Close of the Twilight Stars

With a guitar and a song – written by her – a brazilian girl from Sao Paulo, 21 years old, became prominent amid the crowd of fans of the Twilight Saga that keeps vigil at the door of the Copacabana Palace on the south side of Rio de Janeiro, where the couple of actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are guests. Inspired by the story of vampires, Andrea Riccio composed a song with the dream of seeing it on the soundtrack of New Moon, the second film, which is already a blockbuster. With the fourth part of the series filmed in Brazil, Andrea’s dream is renewed.
Fans concentrated in front of the Copacabana Palace: the vigil began early. “I went to Los Angeles, talked to the producers. They told me they would show my song, but never answered back”, says the girl, whose trip to Rio was financed by the show Fantastico, from Rede Globo TV.
To make sure that this time she would be heard loud and clear by the stars, hidden in two presidential suites in the hotel, the singer used two speakers to amplify her acoustic sound, which is in voice and guitar style. That’s how Andrea sang “My disease (My illness)”, hoping to call the attention of the idols.
Another fan made use of cunning to try to get close to the actors. The teenager Mariana Brief, 17, made an appointment at the beauty salon inside the hotel for manicure. It costed 55 reais. To increase the chances of seeing the idols, she arrived at 10am, four hours before the scheduled time for the actors to arrive at the hotel. Meanwhile, she decided to have lunch around there. But the savings only allowed the teenager to make a modest snack.
“I ate a sandwich, with five french fries. And it costed me 26 reais”, said the girl to the journalists. Failing to see the idols, but with the authority of someone who was there inside, Mariana left the hotel full of stories and gossips. According to the girl, people only talk about them in the corridors of the Copacabana Palace. Comments listened carefully by the infiltrated fan was that the Hollywood stars wont be caught by the paparazzi in the hotel pool area. The reason: as a matter of contract, they were banned from sunbathing. So they can cultivate the pale look, typical of vampires.
The Copacabana Palace told any servant could disclose informations about the visitors due to a confidentiality agreement – under penalty of heavy fine. That part of discovering was left to the fans that had the chance of being in the hiding place of the vampires
Veja | translation by foforks

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