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An Extra Shares Her BD-Lapa Filming Experience

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"After centuries of waiting, Rob and Kristen arrived around midnight and stayed on another street makes up and talking while rehearsing with stand-ins and extras. I went to see a little corner of what they were doing, and I saw Rob sitting on the hood of the car as a child laughing and talking with Kristen. I died inside, but I had to control myself to not give the flag. It was forbidden to photograph or videotape footage or anything of the set.

After the test, when the recording would begin in earnest, we were instructed not to look at pros players ("They're normal people who only speak English and have more money") or speak with them. Obviously I do not follow any of these rules, but neither was shocked as I saw a girl doing (she was removed from the set). The only song that played during the scene was a samba that was not boring, was only (imagine hearing the same boring music for 6 hours. While I was dancing, Robert and Kristen were passing by my side and right the first time, he inadvertently stumbled into me and I do not know why I apologized. He turned and smiled at me, so pretty!  When they finished that first scene, after kissing in the street, I stood there watching what they were talking. Kristen said something to the director, analyzing the scene, saying what you think and what they should redo. After each decision she did, always participating, giving advice and sometimes asked to rebuild the same scene. Bill Condon attaches great importance to her opinion and she seemed very participatory, very involved, as if to make it perfect. I do not understand who says she is not even there for Saga, because from what I saw, every scene in the movie has a little finger of Kristen, a review of it.

Well, the end of the first scene, after Kristen went their views to the director, she and Rob were talking while the production people were setting up everything to save again. So I, who was standing near, said: "Kris, you rock!" She turned to me, looked at me with shining eyes and smiled! I won my night with that smile!

Every time Kristen was going back to the front to back the recording, she took off her shoe heel of a shoe and put Bella Keds any color (red, purple, yellow ...) and used to walk down the street. Since she was doing this, nearly fell and held on Rob. Speaking of Rob, they were holding hands all night, did not let go! Even after the "cut" with the cameras off, they were holding hands, patting one on the other hand, Robert was holding on tight to the waist and Kris pulled her close to him ... Kristen has come to bite the hand of Rob once kidding. How well she was unsure over the jumps, was clutching a shirt from Rob (as she did in the premiere of Eclipse in LA, has several pictures) and leaning on it. Later that night his shirt was already crumpled to hold both it and twist! They are very affectionate with each other, always caressing, smiling at each other and making jokes. See them kissing in front of me a million times, even for the characters, it was wonderful! In some they blew kisses, have caught it, Rob pulled her hair gently and put up 'accidentally' hand on the ass of Kris.

The Bella's engagement ring was very shiny, I think they have changed, or gave a polished, because it was beautiful! I also noticed the scar, I do not know how I managed to look the pulse of Kris, and she was in front of me, but I noticed!
After the shoot, when Robert and Kristen were already leaving, I spoke with John. He is super cute and was embarrassed when I said that the Brazilian fans of Kristen adored him, but gave a big smile and thanked him. In that, Kristen was looking and started laughing, then gave a bye-bye with a cute smile before leaving for good, and Rob too.
You could get very close to them during the shooting, near absurdly, insanely close. It was the happiest day of my life!"

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