петък, 5 ноември 2010 г.

"Eclipse" DVD/Blu-Ray to be release in Ireland December 3rd in HMV Stores & on December 6th Online

Available at Shop Ireland on December 6, 2010, fans will have the opportunity to own “Eclipse” in regular DVD format (both single disc and two disc), Blu-Ray format and The Twilight Saga Triple Limited Edition Steelbook (3 Disc)!

OR According to both Irishtwisisters and HMV Blanch, you can purchase the “Eclipse” DVD from HMV STORES on December 3rd:

Twilight Fans: we’ll be doing the 3 different HMV Exclusive covers for the DVD of Eclipse on Dec 3rd, same as we did for New Moon

Click HERE to pre-order or on the links above

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