петък, 5 ноември 2010 г.

Breaking Dawin in Rio Update: New Info from 'Quem' Magazine via FoForks

Translation via Google.

The magazine 'Quem' reports that Kristen, Rob and Taylor arrive in Rio on Friday, as we know. Take a charter flight to Rio and landing at the  Antonio Carlos Jobim/Galeao airport. "Quem", said that filming in the neighborhood of Lapa, the center of Rio, on Sunday 07 November. About 10 policemen will provide security to close the streets around the location. After that, the trio will leave for Paraty-Mirim, a beach paradise in the south reserve to be used as a location for some scenes. As said yesterday the newspaper O Globo, the players will stay at the xxxx and close some areas to avoid the fans. The magazine said the team will meet with the mayor, Eduardo Paes, the following Wednesday.

FoForks viaTodoTwilightSaga Thanks vonch

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