неделя, 31 октомври 2010 г.

“Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” casts New Orleans native Wendell Pierce

Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has added eight new cast members to its already expansive ensemble, including New Orleans native Wendell Pierce, who is currently starring in HBO’s Treme. Pierce’s role is not yet known. Others cast include Ty Olsson, Olga Fonda, Janelle Froehlich, Masami Kosaka, Sebastiao Lemos, Amadou Ly and Carolina Virguez.

Kosaka had a small role in The Runaways, which starred Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, and Fonda has been seen on Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother. Lemos, Ly and Virguez will be making their American film debut with Breaking Dawn.

With much of the principle cast in town, rehearsals are underway at Raleigh Studios Baton Rouge, where construction continues in preparation for the November 16 start of filming.

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